2 Day Tour of Terelj National Park and Attractions in Tsonjin Boldog

Picture of 2 Day Tour of Terelj National Park & Nearby Attractions

Embark on a two-day tour of breathtaking Terelj National Park and Tsonjin Boldog for the popular Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue Complex. Soak up the beautiful Mongolian countryside, learn about the history and culture.

This is the perfects trip itinerary to get a glimpse of Mongolia for those on a short-stay visit to Mongolia. And, great for those on a limited budget or who do not want to venture too far out of the city.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 - Terelj National Park

  • 8 am - Morning

    Rise up early and head east 55 km (34 miles) to Terelj National Park via Nalaikh to see Turtle Rock, Aryabal Temple. Be sure to stop at the Terelj Ovoo for good wishes and capture a panoramic view of the Terelj Mountains, Terelj Bridge and Tuul River.

    Turtle Rock in Terelj National Park

  • 1 pm - Afternoon

    Check into a traditional ger camp or hotel and grab lunch and enjoy the scenery of Terelj’s rocky mountain formation. There are plenty of choices available to fit any budget, so be sure to read our comprehensive guide on where to stay in Terelj.

  • 3 pm - Mid Afternoon

    Try out some of the activities available to you at the camp or go do some outdoor activities such as horseback riding, ziplining or just go for a nice hike up the mountains.

  • 7 pm - Evening

    Freshen up and go out for a dinner to a nearby camp or hotel for a chance to experience different Terelj location, the service offerings and its cuisine.

  • 9 pm - Night

    Head back to the camp for a relaxing night outside as the sun sets around 9 and stay up until midnight to see the stars on a clear day.

    Ger camp at Terelj National Park

Day 2 - Tsonjin Boldog

  • 11 am - Morning

    Eat breakfast and check out from the camp. Heads towards Genghis Khan Statue on a short 35km (21 mi) and 40 min journey. To get there you will go back towards Nalaikh and sharp left at the main road intersection.

  • 12 pm - Midday

    Explore the complex inside and outside, and be sure to climb up the horse head of the statue to get a bird’s eye view of Tsonjin Boldog and take a selfie with the Genghis Khan up close. You can grab lunch at the complex or from the nearby camps.

    For more information read our full guide to the Genghis Khan Complex.

    Genghis Khan Statue in Tsonjin Boldog

  • 3 pm - Mid-afternoon  

    You can either stay around the Tsonjin Boldog area and enjoy the nature around the banks of Tuul River or travel further east 37km (22mi), about a 1-hour drive to experience Mongolia’s 13th Century Complex attraction. This is highly recommended if you are interested in ancient culture.

    For more information read our full guide to the 13th Century Complex.

    13th Century Mongolia Complex in Tuv Aimag province

  • 6 pm - Evening 

    Head back to Ulaanbaatar, and be sure to stop near the gate of the Ghenghis Khan Complex for one more photo opportunity with the perfect sunlight condition.

  • 8 pm - Night

    Freshen up at the hotel and hit the town for the late dinner and share the trip experience.

How do I book this tour?

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Travel Independently

  • Hire a car with or without a driver for the ultimate freedom and comfort. We highly recommend SIXT Mongolia and Avis Mongolia for the international standard of service.
  • Get in touch with us to book entrance tickets in advance for Terelj National Park, Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue and 13th Century Mongol Complex. Or pay for it upon arrival at the attraction.
  • Most camps don’t require pre-booking to use the restaurant service but during weekends and peak season it is advisable to call and pre-book your preferred camp/resort.