Discover Mongolia's 13th Century Complex

Picture of 13th Century Mongol Complex

Visit the 13th Century Complex in Tuv Aimag, and be transported back in time to ancient Mongolia at the height of its empire. This experience is historical, cultural and immersive, and you will see, touch, taste, feel and hear the ordinary way of life during the 1200s.

The Camps

The complex has 7 different themed camps and each focusing on different aspects of life in the kingdom, and they include:

1. Guards Camp

This is the entrance to the camp where you will be greeted by the camp host. As the name suggests this camp showcases the military outfit and weaponary used during the Mongolian empire. Yeah can try on the outfit and have go at the traditional Mongolian bow and arrow, made from composite of wood, horn and sinew.

Guards camp entrance

2. King's (Khan's) Camp

Step into replica Genghis Khan’s Ger and see what it was like to live inside, and learn how the Ger was moved by 22 oxen as the empire expanded. You can sit on the throne and try on various costumes, including the Khan (King), Khatan (Queen), Khan Khuu (Prince) or as the Gunj (Princess). Also, light bite and refreshments is served at the Khan's camp.

Khan's Camp

Inside the Khan's Palace

3. Herder’s Camp

Showcase of the ordinary way of life and the backbone that sustained the empire with food, drink and clothing. You will get to step inside a typical dwelling and see how they lived, the tools and utensils they used to make milk, flour, leather and the way they bred their livestock.

4. Shaman Camp

Camp dedicated to the Shaman spiritualism and its beliefs during ancient times. You will get to step inside the typical Shamannistic dwelling and see the different types of costumes. If we’re honest it does give unusual vibes as there is something mystical in the air.

Shaman Camp

5. Education Camp

Play chess at the education camp, and get your name (or memorable phrase) written in calligraphy in the form of the traditional Mongolian script.

Education Camp

6. Craftsman’s Camp

As the name suggests the camp offers insight into how the blacksmiths of the time used metal and leather to make weapons, an armoury for the soldiers, as well as ordinary household tools and jewellery.

Craftman's Camp

7. The Watchtower

The last camp is the military outpost designed to keep the entire kingdom safe with soldiers watching out for any approaching enemies from a faraway distance. It is positioned at a higher ground and you can climb the watchtower and look out the distant landscape and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Mongolian 13th century watchtower

Where to buy tickets

Tickets can be purchased at the gates on the day or it can be purchased in advance as part of a tour package. Contact us if you want to travel independently or looking to purchase the tickets in advance.

How to get there

From Ulaanbaatar, head south towards the Marshall Bridge on the Ikh Mongol State Street, turn left after the Marshall bridge towards Sky Resort. Continue driving until you reach AH-3 road, and turn right towards Nalaikh. Continue driving for about 50km (going past Genghis Khan Statue Complex) until Erdene and turn right onto the dirt road, and drive for another 20 km (there will be roadside signs) to reach your destination.

Ulaanbaatar to Mongolia's 13th Century Complex map