Visit the Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue in Tsonjin Boldog, Mongolia

Picture of Genghis Khan Statue in Tsonjin Boldog

Built in 2008, the 40 meters high Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khan) Equestrian Statue Complex in Tsonjun Boldog has quickly become one of the must-see attractions in Mongolia. The imposing statue on the banks of the Tuul River and Terelj National Park in the background is a majestic setting and a sight to behold.

Ghenghis Khan on his horseback currently holds the record for the highest equestrian statue in the world and visitors can climb to the top of the horse head to get a closer look at the khan himself and see the beautiful landscape of Tsonjin Boldog and the Tuul River.

Below the statue, you will find the visitor centre which houses a huge 2 storey tall traditional Mongolian boot, a 5-meter sword, an archaeological museum, a small souvenir shop and a restaurant.

The entire tour around the statue and complex will take roughly 1 hour - 2 hours depending on the season and crowd. We recommend that you visit early morning or later afternoon when there are fewer crowds for a more relaxed experience.

Cost of entrance and purchasing ticket 

Entrance ticket usually cost around ₮10,000 Tugrik ($3.50 USD), which gives you access to the museum, shops, restaurant and lift up the statue. Entrance to the grounds/complex is free, however we highly encourage paying to get inside to get the full experience and to support the local economy.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from the Tourist Center located in the Ulaanbaatar State Department Store (Ikh Delguur) or available to purchase on the day at the visitor centre located at the entrance of the Ghenghis Khan statue complex.

You can also purchase tickets as part of a day tour package from places such as Viator and TripAdvisor.

How to get there

Tsonjin Boldog and Genghis Khan Statue complex is located 55 kilometers (34 miles) east of the capital city Ulaanbaatar. By car the journey time is just over 1 hour.

Ulaanbaatar to Genghis Khan Statue Complex Map

There are no public transport to Tsonjin Boldog but you do have number of options to get there, including:

  • Hire a private taxi. (ask the hotel)
  • Hire a Car from SIXT Mongolia or Avis Mongolia.
  • Hitchhike (not recommended but it is a popular way to travel in Mongolia)
  • Book a private day tour. Most popular option as it is usually bundled with entrance ticket, transport and a snack.

Areas around Tsonjin Boldog Nearby

There are number of things you can do in the Tsonjin Boldog and surrounding areas to get the most out of your day trip and these include:

  • Visit to the 13th Century Mongolia village to be transported back in time to experience what ordinary life was like during the heydays of Mongolian empire.
  • Stay in one of many resorts near the banks of Tuul River in Tsonjin Boldog. We highly recommend Khan Jims Tourist Camp or Hunnu Camp for the location, scenery, standard of facilities and room options.
  • Visit the Terelj National Park and see the Turtle Rock, Aryabal Buddhist Temple, relax and dine in the most beautiful surroundings.

For more information read our day tour guide to Tsonjin Boldog.