Top 12 Lake Khuvsgul Resorts & Camps

Picture of Top Lake Khuvsgul Resorts & Camps

Dalai Eej Tourist Camp

Dalai Eej, located in the serene and beautiful surroundings of Lake Khuvsgul, is a family vacation spot. This retreat, usually reserved for families and friends, has welcomed notable guests including Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah from Kuwait, the venerable Lubsantüden, former Prime Minister S. Batbold, and historian Baabar, making it a place of prestige. The camp offers horse riding, visits to nomadic families, and kayak and motorboat excursions. Room prices start from 400,000 Mongolian tögrög.

Art 88 Resort

Art 88 Resort is situated 32 km from Hatgal village on the western shore of Lake Khuvsgul. It maintains a quiet environment, especially after 10 PM, to minimize disturbance to the local wildlife. Security is provided around the clock by a professional company from Ulaanbaatar, and it supports local communities by purchasing meat, milk, fruits, and vegetables locally. Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and gers, and the resort is distinguished by its traditional Tsaatan huts. Prices begin at 350,000 tögrög.

Leona Resort

Leona Resort is located on the shores of Lake Khuvsgul, offering guests the natural beauty of Khuvsgul in a comfortable setting throughout the year. Guests can choose between wooden houses and gers, and enjoy a variety of cuisines including European, Asian, and Mongolian dishes. Activities include visits to Tsaatan families, horseback riding, mountain biking, and motorboat excursions, as well as quad biking and snowmobiling. Room prices start from 330,000 tögrög.

Double Lake By Toilogt

Operating year-round, Double Lake By Toilogt offers a hospitable service in a picturesque natural setting. The resort is known for its tours to local attractions like Khasaa Mountain, Black Water Springs, and Ardagiin Zoo, offering a choice of ger or hotel accommodations. Prices start from 280,000 tögrög.

Khuvsgul Camp

Located on the western shore of Lake Khuvsgul in the Lower Forest area, Khuvsgul Camp, classified as "Two Flowers", has become a model in the industry by adhering to tourism and hospitality standards and regulations, providing memorable services to its guests. The rooms offer luxurious views with windows facing the lake and can accommodate 100-120 guests. Prices start at 120,000 tögrög.

Khuvsgul Ariundalai Camp

Situated 500 meters from Lake Khuvsgul and 1 km from the Sukhbaatar ship dock, Khuvsgul Ariundalai Camp is designed for families seeking a peaceful and comfortable retreat. The camp features cozy houses with electric heating. Room rates begin at 200,000 tögrög.

North Khuvsgul Tourist Camp

Located in Hankh sum, North Khuvsgul Tourist Camp offers views of the northern part of Lake Khuvsgul and Mönkhsaridag mountain. The camp provides a unique perspective of the lake, revealing why Lake Khuvsgul is known as "the Dark Blue Pearl". Accommodations include gers and cabins, with prices starting from 120,000 tögrög.

Khuvsgul Eco Tour Camp

"Khuvsgul Eco Tour" camp, located near "Huzuuvchiin Shil" on the shores of Lake Khuvsgul, operates year-round in a peaceful setting amidst a dense forest. Despite being close to Hatgal, it offers a secluded atmosphere and the opportunity for zipline adventures to Khüslig Khad. The camp can host 100-150 guests per session and is connected to central utilities. Room rates start at 120,000 tögrög.

Great Sea Camp

Located on the western shore of Lake Khuvsgul in the Lower Forest area of Jankhai, Great Sea Camp is distinguished as Mongolia's first scuba diving center, offering exciting and memorable lake explorations. Room prices start at 140,000 tögrög.

Naran Zangilaa Tourist Camp

Naran Zangilaa Tourist Camp, located on the western shore near Ar Burkhan's cape, allows guests to enjoy their coffee while looking out at the lake. It offers Asian, European, and Mongolian cuisine, along with horse riding and mountain biking. Prices start from 215,000 tögrög.

Ashikhai Resort

Ashikhai Resort, surrounded by Lake Khuvsgul on three sides in the Lower Forest area, offers horse riding, motorboating, and volleyball. It can accommodate 30-40 guests at a time, with room rates beginning at 210,000 tögrög.

2K Resort

2K Resort, located in Hatgal sum, Ard's cape, on the shore of Lake Khuvsgul, offers horseback riding, cycling, and rafting. Accommodations include semi-luxury and luxury houses, gers, or urts, with prices starting at 100,000 tögrög.