Visit the Khustain Nuruu National Park

Picture of Visit the Khustain (Hustai) Nuruu National Park

Photo by lightscape on Unsplash

Khustain Nuruu National Park is famous for the conservation of the last remaining truly wild horses in the world, known as Takhi in Mongolia and better known as Przewalski's horse around the world. The last known Takhi in the wild went extinct in 1969 in Mongolia, and thanks to conservation efforts these beautiful animals were re-introduced back to the wild in their natural habitat during the early 90s in the Khustain Nuruu National Park, Tuv Aimag province.

See the Takhi in its natural environment

Over the past 25 years, the population has grown steadily and the park has the largest number of wild horses in the world and the chances of seeing the horse in the park are very high.

Takhi protecting their foals

The Khustain Nuruu National Park covers an area of 506 square kilometres and it is a specially protected area. Apart from Takhi, the park and surrounding area is home to a number of wild animals such as red deer, wolf, ibex, gazelle, wild sheep, various birds and a wide range of plants, fauna and fungus.

Red Deer in Khustain National Park

Photo by Ariungoo Batzorig on Unsplash

In addition, there is the historic site of Ungut Monument, the remains of the 7th century Turkic Khaganate. It is a breathaking complex with the largest man stones discovered in Asia.

Khustai National Park

Travelling to Khustai Nuruu National Park from Ulaanbaatar is relatively easy as the roads are mostly paved tarmac and it is only a 100km (2-3 hours) drive. The last 5-10km is on a dirt road as you get off the main road into the park.

Reasons To Visit

  • Seeing the wild horses in their natural environment with their foal
  • Hiking up the hills walking the different trails in search of the Takhi
  • Camp overnight outside the park or stay in a traditional Mongolian camp.
  • Spot other wild animals and different species of plants and fungus
  • Visit the ruins of the 7th century Turkic Khaganate at the Ungut Monument

Travel Independently

  • Hire a car with or without a driver for the ultimate freedom and comfort. We highly recommend SIXT Mongolia and Avis Mongolia for the international standard of service.
  • Get in touch with us to book entrance tickets in advance for Khustain Nuruu National Park. Or pay for it upon arrival at the attraction.
  • Most camps don’t require pre-booking to use the restaurant service but during weekends and peak season it is advisable to call and pre-book your preferred camp/resort.