Bogd Khan Uul National Park - Strictly Protected Area

Picture of Bogd Khan Uul National Park - Visitors Guide

Where it is located

Located south of the capital city Ulaanbaatar, the majestic Bogd Khan Uul (Saint Khan Mountain) and its surrounding national park can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Reasons why you should visit

It is not widely known Bogd Khan Uul is one of the oldest protected areas globally and predates the Yellow Stone National park by over 100 years. In 1778 it was officially declared a protected site, which makes it the second oldest legally protected area in the world after Trinidad & Tobago’s Main Ridge Forest Reserve. There is evidence of environmental protection as far back as the 13th century which forbids logging and hunting. Thanks to these efforts the park remains in very good ecological condition and has become the backyard park for all the residents of Mongolia to get fresh air, exercise and get involved in leisurely activities.

How difficult is the hike?

Bogd Khan Uul mountain rises to 2,261 metres above sea level and the terrain is mostly covered in dense forest and alpine grassland. The most popular and accessible route is from the north side of the mountain, from Zaisan Hill and from Nukt Am (Valley) or from the south side for Manzushir Monastery (by car). Hike up the mountain takes roughly 3 hours for beginners and 2 hours for the more experienced hikers.

Activities and attractions

There are historical attractions within the protected area of the mountain and there are many leisure activities at the foothills of the mountain, including:

Tsetsee Gun

Hike up to the top of the Bogd Khaan Uul mountain peak known as Tsetsee Gun orgil.

Zaisan Hill

It is a memorial complex to commemorate Mongolian and Russian soldiers who lost their lives in battle during World Word II. It is best known for the great views over the city and there are many shops, restaurants, and hospitality venues to visit and spend the entire day.

Manzushir monastery

Visit the ruins of the Manzushir monastery, accessible by car from an area known as Zuunmod, south side of the Bogd Khan Uul mountain about 15km from the city. It was founded in 1733 and destroyed in 1937 by Mongolian communists.


To those who love to hunt for treasures, you are in for a treat. There are a bunch of geocaches hidden in the mountain. For more info check out the geocaching website.

Ski and Play Golf at the Sky Resort

Sky Resorted is located northwest of the Bogd Khan Uul mountain along the Tuul River about 13km (8mi) from Ulaanbaatar city. It is a popular resort for all-year-round outdoor activities, and it offers first and only international standard winter skiing in Mongolia and a golf-playing experience.

Within the resort, you will find Asem Club House hospitality centre which offers a relaxing atmosphere, and hosts a number of hospitality services all year round including restaurant, spa, meeting space, venue for events and traditional Mongolian ger (yurt) camp. Read our Sky Resort article to find out more.

Nukht Valley

Known locally as the billionaire’s valley, Nukht Valley is situated northeast of the Bogd Khan mountain towards the Chinggis Khan International Airport, and only 12km (7.4mi) from Ulaanbaatar city centre. Visit Nukht Valley for fresh air and treat yourself to a scenic outdoor lunch and a nice cup of coffee at the Corporate Hotel & Resort.

Things to be aware of

As the area is sacred and protected, throwing any rubbish or damaging any fauna or flowers is strictly prohibited.

Be aware not to get anywhere near the Ikh Tenger valley, which is nestled between Zaisan Hill and Baga Tenger because it is the location of the presidential palace and there are heavy presence of police and military patrolling the area, so don’t get arrested.

Always take extra care and check the weather before hiking. The weather conditions can change suddenly in Mongolia, and without any footpaths hiking conditions can be dangerous when the weather turns ugly.